Is this a religious comic?
No. As a non-religious person myself, I am not looking to preach to, or convert, anyone. Conversely, I also have no intention to mock, or deter anyone from, any religious beliefs. That being said, the theme of this comic is based heavily on the bible, mostly the book of Revelations. I have no wish to offend anyone… So please! Don’t take anything here too seriously!

What is the Mystery Babylon?
Mystery, Babylon the Great is a villainous character from the book of Revelations. She is described as a woman dressed in purple and scarlet, loaded with riches, possessing a cup of abominations and filthiness, and chilling out on a beast with seven heads.  She is supposed to be some sort of creepy allegory for a corrupt city/church/false religion. In this comic, I’ve taken a more literal interpretation of her as a character. If you want to learn more about the biblical origins, I recommend checking out this Wikipedia article.

Hey! This comic is not biblically accurate! What the heck!
Nope! Not at all! It is based heavily on Revelations, but I’ve taken things literally that I’m not supposed to, twisted things around, added characters, removed characters… it’s all been changed. I’m invoking my artistic license!

What happened to the old Kick Girl comic?
Fear not, my friends! The old Kick Girl comic is still around. Nothing in this comic negates any of the events that took place in the original series.

Did you ever finish the first Kick Girl comic?
No, sadly, I’ve put the original comic on hold. I have 3 volumes of Kick Girl currently.

Do I need to know the original Kick Girl comic to get this one?
Nope! This comic stands completely on it’s own!

Where can I read the old Kick Girl comic?
You can purchase the original KICK GIRL comics in my online store.

When does this comic take place?
This comic takes place 1000 years after the end of the original Kick Girl comic series.

Will characters from the old comic be in this one?
Yup! A couple of them! 😀