Here is the current list of characters from Mystery Babylon. The list will be updated as the story progresses and as new characters are introduced.

Kick Girl

At the end of the the Apocalypse, 1000 years ago, all of the demons were sealed away in “the Pit”… except for the Mystery Babylon, Kick Girl. Although her fellow demons are imprisoned, she seems intent of keeping the seal closed due to a promise she made long ago.

Kick Girl rarely seems happy about anything. She openly admits to hating humans, often referring to them as “annoying.” She claims humans are unable to kill her, though they have tried many times in the past (including burning her at the stake and burying her alive).

Kick seems to care about very little, except keeping the seal to the Pit closed.



Zero is an ever-cheerful Priest to the Goddess Vesta. Because he’s the only one who knows the location of the Pit (as he is the only one who can make sense of his poorly drawn map), he now finds himself perfectly content to be Kick Girl’s traveling companion.

Zero has strong faith in his religion, even believing he has spoken to angels. He also believes that Kick Girl is the daughter of the Goddess Vesta, who is prophesied to one day save mankind.

He is either oblivious or unaffected by Kick Girl’s foul mood swings.



Judas finds himself as one of Kick Girl’s current companions, despite her unabashedly disdainful attitude towards him. After saving Kick and Zero from the Crusaders, he insisted that he travel with them as a bodyguard… although his motivation for doing so is not clear. Kick doesn’t trust him, and often him refers to him as “creepy-face”, but allows him to stay as a favor to Red.

Early on we see Judas is associated with the Babylonian Cultists and Delilah gives him instructions to retrieve Zero’s map.



Red is an angel and one of Kick Girl’s oldest companions. They’ve spent many years on and off together, such as the Fallout Temple after the Apocalypse. It seems as if he leaves her suddenly without notice for decades, and then returns.

Because heaven needs him, he has been unable to lead Kick Girl to the seal directly. Instead, he gave visions to the priest Zero and instructed him to find Kick Girl and take her there. When Kick Girl complains to Red about the situation, Red claims that he thought Kick and Zero would get along well, since Zero reminded him of himself. He also promises that Judas will show himself as a useful companion as well.



Delilah is the leader of the Babylonian Cult. Her ultimate goal is to witness the breaking of the seal to the Pit. She also seems to have some sort of history with Kick Girl.




Babylonian Cult

These satanic cultists worship the Mystery Babylon, the last demon on earth. They believe that she is the only one who can break the seal to the Pit, freeing Lucifer from his prison. They don’t seem incredibly bright, and wear masks with red feathers… which are supposedly meant represent the face of Kick Girl.




The myths speak of Vesta as a Goddess who is clothed with the sun and wears a crown of 12 stars. It is prophesied that she will give birth to the savior of mankind.

Vesta is supposedly the mother of Kick Girl, although Kick tells Zero that the woman known as “Vesta” was no Goddess.



Priests of Vesta

Wearing red robes, these Priests worship the holy Goddess, Vesta. They live in large Romanesque temples where they keep the flame of Vesta burning.





These warriors of the holy army travel the world, spreading their religious beliefs. They are known to destroy those who worship Satan, capturing Babylonian Cultists, and burning them at the stake. Kick Girl refers to them as “her mortal enemies.” She also implies they have attempted to kill her in the past.



The General / Lady Anara

The General is the leader of the Crusaders. She appears to have holy powers and can summon huge angel wings by will. When she first meets Kick Girl in a weapon and armor shop, she hears “angelic choir music” which leads her to taking the Crusaders to a place called Zion. On her way there, her camp and most of her Crusaders were destroyed by the Dragon, Satan. She is now broken off from the group to speak to The Council.




Arcadia is second in command of the Crusaders. She is easy to identify due to her Valkyrie helmet. Arcadia is impressively resilient, and wields a large spear. She is currently leading the Crusaders towards Zion.





1000 years ago J.J. was killed by Kick Girl. Before he died, Kick Girl wept at what she had done, confessing that she had loved him. However, J.J. cursed her, calling her a monster. Before he died, he made her promise to never break open the seal to the Pit.



Kill Boy

It is implied that Kill Boy is sealed within the Pit. Kick Girl is shown as thinking about him from time to time, often imagining what he would think of her situations. From flashbacks, it seems as if Kick Girl wants to free him, but her promise to keep the pit sealed prevents her from doing so.




Judas claims Adrian is the savior of mankind. Adrian himself states that he has come again to judge the living and bring lost souls  back to heaven.