Been spending a lot of time drawing a lil of this, a lil of that…. it’s been nice! Well, I don’t know if its as nice as it would have been to going to SDCC *tear drop* but, I’ll take the wins where I can!
I’m thinking I’m going to open up for commissions again at the beginning of next week! I’m gonna open them up for Patreon peeps first, before I open them up to everyone. Til then, I’m gonna keep working on comic pages! 🙂

Til then, I hope you enjoy this week’s newest page! 😀 ♥

Like always, I wanna give a really big thanks to all my Patreon peeps! Thanks to everyone who supports the comic in any way. Through Patreon or just sharing the comic. It means a LOT to me and really keeps me going. ♥

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New page will be up next Monday! See you then! ♥