This past week was the worst week of my entire life.

I wasn’t able to focus on work at all, and I’m so sorry. I might be a little slow getting back on my feet, but I want to start moving forward again. I wanted to launch new products and commissions up on the store last week Tues, but that didn’t happen. (sorry again)
I’m planning on launching everything THIS Tuesday, on April 7th.

I’ll be adding new stickers, magnets, enamel pins, and charms to my shop. And I’m opening up more commissions slots as well. I hope you guys will check it out. ♥

Please stay healthy and safe, friends. ♥

I wanna give a really big thanks to all my Patreon peeps! Their support has meant an extra lot to me this week. Thank you all for the kind words. I cried a lot they were so nice. ♥

See you all next Monday with a new page 🙂

Check out my fantabulous RedBubble store and see all my adorable things!

New page will be up next Monday! Like always! Til then friends! ♥