Happy Monday and new comic page day! ♥
I’ve been busy working on getting ahead on comic pages (this week i’m gonna be 10 weeks ahead on Patreon! YAY) and soon I gotta start working on convention prepp’n. I’ve got Wondercon, ACME, Phoenix Fan Fusion, Denver Pop Culture Con, and SDCC planned for this year. Fun times ahead! 😀

Really hope you enjoy the newest page! cuz I remember that I really enjoyed drawing this one! Just wanna give a really big thanks to all my Patreon peeps! Gonna have a new page or two for you over the next couple of days! Truly thank you  so much for your support. Your generosity is overwhelming sometimes ♥

See you all next Monday with a new page!! 🙂

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New page will be up next Monday! Like always! Til then friends! ♥