First page of Chapter 10! (SO EXCITING!!!)
And we’re startin’ off like this huh?? ;O

I’ve been updating my Patreon with new comic pages pretty regularly too! I’ve just posted Page 502 up there. (Kinda nice to be that ahead, I gotta admit!) If you are feeling impatient and wanna read more now, or maybe you just really enjoy the comic and wanna help support it, please check it out. It really is keeping the comic alive and going! Really big thank you to all my Patreon peeps. Your generosity is just overwhelming sometimes ♥

Tonight I have a gallery event I have to go to (which has been causing me anxiety for about…… forever now.) I’ll be happy to put it behind me. I’m sure it will be great fun once I’m there, but it’s caused me so much stress that it’s like, just let it be over! *lol* I’m sure I’ve got myself worked up for no reason. Because isn’t it always like that?
Other than that, I’ll be working hard on new pages for you guys!!

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New page will be up next Monday! Like always! Til then friends! ♥