I can’t believe October has almost come to an end… And with it, Inktober. Glad I was able to stick with it! I really doubted I would be able to. Just a few days left to go! I just decided to go all-out Star Wars this year… because the hype for Rise of Skywalker is ON! If you’re curious to see what I did, you can check out my arts on my store page. Thank you so much to everyone who bought one! ♥
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And today is my favorite day! Why?? Cuz its a new comic page! 😀 ♥

I have ♥’s for Zero and for The General.

This week I’m planning on eating lots of candy and taking some serious time updating my Redbubble store with even more new stuff. And, same as last week, and the week before. Just trying to be productive! (And drinking lots of coffee)

Thanks always for reading! Lots ‘ o love for ALL OF YOU! 😀 ♥