If all is going according to plan, then I have traveled safely to Denver for the Denver Pop Culture Con, had an AMAZING show where I had a chance to meet OODLES of peeps, new and old, and I am now on the LOOONG drive back home. I am very tired, but, YOU are reading a new comic page! YAY! Everyone is a winner!

I am writing this blog entry from the past, so I apologize now if we met at Denver and I was too tired or overwhelmed to act like a normal human being. I try to give everyone who comes by my full attention. Sometimes I get so nervous and full of energy I need a squishy toy or a fidget-device to try to stay chill. *lol*
I had Phoenix Fan Fusion last week, one day of rest, and then I was out the door to Denver! So I am pretty beat up by now.

Thank you all for your kindness! and I hope you all enjoy this new page! 😀 ♥

Gotta sleep and then start working on more comic pages! If you enjoy Mystery Babylon, and want to get ahead and read new pages without the wait, please consider joining my Patreon! It keeps me alive! I keep getting asked about doing livestreams of my comic, and I think maybe I will do something like that for Patreon peeps only…. because *SPOILERS!* :0

I hope you enjoy the newest page this week! Thank you all ALWAYS for reading the comic and I LOVE reading your awesome comments! Lots of love to you all! ♥