THIS WEEK IS PHOENIX FAN FUSION! I really hope that I will be seeing some of you there!
Find me at Exhibitor Table 975! I’ll have lots of new cute original arts, comics, enamel pins, and prints! Here’s a tiny little sample map of where you can find me!
I will also be hosting my very own panel on Friday at 10:30am called “Publishing Your Own Comics [and Mystery Babylon!]”
I’ll be chatting about how I create comics and graphic novels, and I’ll be answering all your juicy questions about Mystery Babylon.
I would love it if you guys would join in! It would mean so much! and if you can’t make it, I would LOVE for you all to ask me questions here in the comments, that I can answer on the panel! That would be awesome!

I’ll also be at Denver Pop Culture Con NEXT week! So… lots of comic-con ahead!!! ♥

ANYWAYS! Hope that you enjoy today’s page! New page next Monday, as always! If you enjoy Mystery Babylon, and want to get ahead and read new pages without the wait, please consider joining my Patreon! It keeps me alive! :0

I hope you enjoy the newest page this week! Thank you all ALWAYS for reading the comic and I LOVE reading your awesome comments! Lots of love to you all! ♥