When I look at this page, it’s hard not to think about how long the backgrounds took me *lmao*
I should be used to it by now. But every time I just can’t help but whine about it a little! Hopefully you think it turned out okay! So it was all worth it in the end!

This page has reference to Volta Volgate and Fallen Oracle, who are two of my Patreon supporters. Because what better way to thank my Patrons then by giving them cameos of some sort? So, if you wanna play random-Patreon-name roulette to be part of the comic, please consider joining up! I wouldn’t be able to continue drawing the comic without your support. So, I am forever grateful. Because drawing this comic is what I love BEST! ♥

Thank you all so much for reading! Always love reading your comments! New page next week! SEE YA THEN! 😀