Page 450! That’s one heck of a number! I hope you all are enjoying Chapter 9 so far!
I remember whining about drawing this background on my Twitter. *lol* I think it turned out okay in the end tho.
And I also love drawing Gog and Magog too. My Patreon supporters have nicknamed them “Pokédemons” and I have the power to make that canon at any time.

I just went to the movies on Sunday for the first time in a LONG TIME. My husband and I went to see SHAZAM! and I really enjoyed it. Definitely worth a watch. We also were in a Dolby chair-vibrate theater and it was pretty rad. I just saw the trailer for Detective Pikachu and I am so absolutely forcing my husband to go watch that one with me against his when it comes out. So lucky for me that it comes out right around my b-day hohoho ♥


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