Well this week is a special week! This Thursday Nov 1st is Mystery Babylon’s 8th Birthday! WOWZA! 8 years I’ve been doing this crazy thing. :0
I have learned so much, and my life has been so transformed since I first started… And I’m still learning new things all the time! I hope you have all enjoyed the ride so far!

The best present you can ever give the comic is helping support the Patreon. Without it, I would have to seriously cut back on working on comic… I wouldn’t be able to survive otherwise! The next best present you could ever give, is just the gift of sharing the comic/patreon with other people who you think may enjoy it. It means so much to me and it really keeps me going. I wanna see this comic through to the END! ♥

Joining the Patreon means you get to read pages right away, and get to see some of my other work too! My highest tier includes original art postcards in the mail. I’ve even started something new… When I need new character names for the comic, I will be pulling them from my list of Patreon supporters. This is open to ALL tiers. I just will pick one randomly or one that suits the character best. The character “Ash” here is one such character! (Congrats,  Ashley!) More will sure to follow too!

Thanks always for reading and supporting the comic! I ALWAYS love reading your comments. They crack me up. I hope your Monday and you week is AWESOME! Eat lots of Halloween candy too!