The week is finally here! And I’m still not ready yet! *lol*
YUP! It’s time for SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON!!
I really hope to see some of my readers there! Please stop by and say hi! That would be so awesome! ♥
You’ll be able to find me in the Small Press section at Table N-12! It’s usually under the large hanging “Small Press” sign, close to the back escalators. I have over 100 new adorable original art pieces, Mystery Babylon Graphic novels, prints, sketchbooks, stickers, and brand new enamel pins! My table is packed! hahaha! You can check out my Twitter, Instagram, or my Tumblr for frequent updates! ♥

Hope you guys enjoy the new page this week! Last flashback page! That was a long one! 🙂
I always love you comments so very, very much ahahaha~
Thanks always for reading and supporting the comic. ♥ ♥ ♥