Time to start up another Flashback sequence! YEAH! and MAN I have been so brutal on the cliffhangers these past couple weeks haha. I’m keeping you in suspense for one more page. hehehe! 😉
I’ve been loving your comments, guys! Really happy to see so many of you engaged in the story. It’s SUPERCOOL! Keep it up! ♥

I’ve been keeping busy prepping for upcoming conventions and new sketch card projects. Plus, I’ve been cooking. I know. ME. COOKING?! It’s outrageous.

So thinking about conventions, I’m trying to think of cool new print ideas. I’ve already finished a few new ones! But I would love your input! I also need to draw some things for the Phoenix Comicon Badge Contest this year! I need some good ideas! Throw ‘m at me! Maybe you can inspire some new Val-arts! 😀 ♥