And Mystery Babylon has RETURNED! ♥

Sorry for the delay everyone! I’m still in the middle of moving, (the house is just a mess right now hahaha) but I still found time to finish the page! Woohoo!

Special thanks to my fiance for getting the internet up and running just so I can update my site! He’s up in the roof working on the internet in the rest of the house as I write this! What a trooper. 🙂

As a bonus for waiting so patiently for me to update… I’ve begun to set up a Fan Art Gallery! Check it out! I have more pictures I need to add, but, I need to find and hook up my scanner…. so…. More pretty pictures coming soon!

Things will still be a bit hectic for me until I unpack/paint/spend lots of money. But I think the updates should resume okay! So, see you next week! ♥