Hey Guys! You may have already guessed that I’m going to be at the San Diego Comicon this year! I’ll be at booth #5560 at the times listed above! Come by and visit me and pick up some books and art! I’m giving away free Mystery Babylon to anyone who stops by and gets something of mine. But I only have a limited number, so come by as soon as you can! 😀

World Famous Comics have been awesome enough to invite me on to their collective of amazing artists. And lots of Star Wars artists too which will make me a drooling fan-girl for the entirety of the convention. @_@ ♥

Unfortunately, this means I won’t have time to work on next week’s page…. *sad face* So sorry guys. Check back here next week for a Comicon Updates! Maybe I can even post some pictures of my booth, or any cute Mystery Babylon drawings I get! YEAH!

I hope to see some of you there! and thanks for reading! Hope you like the page!!