PAGE 100! Can you believe it?! I feel like I’ve reached a new milestone. So happy. ♥

Although it would have been cooler to have page 100 be something actiony and faster paced, I don’t mind this page being 100 either. I think this may actually be the first page where Kick Girl is happy on every panel. That’s a first! Anyone want to take bets on how long it’ll take her to get pissed off about something? Hahaha 😀

Currently in the favorite character poll, Kick Girl is winning by a landslide! Wow! I guess I haven’t had any adorable Zero-ness in awhile. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite if you haven’t already!

Thank you all for being loyal readers and spreading the word on Mystery Babylon. You guys keep me motivated to keep going every week and I love ya all for it! I think this is a good week to just leave a little comment and say hey and introduce yourself! Or if you’ve got any feedback on the comic, I’d love to hear it! Don’t be shy! ♥

We’ve surpassed my dream of getting 100 Facebook fans by page 100! HECK YEAH! Thank you guys!

Next week’s page has a joke I’ve been waiting to do since I started the comic. I can’t wait ohohohoho! So see you then!