I’ve been a productive art-powerhouse this week!
Getting ready for the Phoenix Comicon in less than 2 weeks! I’m so pumped!
I just finished three new prints: Avengers, Star Wars, and Doctor Who. I need to post them somewhere so you all can check them out!
If you’re going, please stop by my table and check out the arts and say hi! I’ll be at Table #554!

It’s my birthday later on this week! I’m so oooooold! Hahaha
And my only birthday wish is that you help spread the word on Mystery Babylon~
I couldn’t ask for anything more! ♥

And if you want to, as an extra-bonus, you can friend my new Mystery Babylon Facebook Fan page!


It’s brand new! I just made it JUST NOW!! ~*
So go! Hurry! Be one of the first to add me! All the cool kids will be doing it!