Poor Kick Girl… All of that fancy sliding for nothing!

Back this week! Just as promised!
Sorry again about last week, but thank you all for being so understanding.

I don’t have any more missed weeks planned, but, just to warn you that May is a busy month for me! I’ve got two convention-thingies, possibly moving, my birthday, and all this junk! So! I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted if I see any upcoming hiccups in the comic again!
Still planning on comic next week, so, no worries for now.

And only 8 pages til we hit the big 1-0-0!
What should I do to celebrate? Make a Mystery Babylon wallpaper or icons or little animated things or a bonus strip or a pizza party oorrrrr what do you think?!
Open to your suggestions! What would you guys want? 😀