Welcome to Mystery Babylon page 89! I feel sort of bad for Zero. I like to describe him as an ever-cheerful guy… but he hasn’t been very cheerful lately, huh? :C

Just made it back home after an exhausting, but totally awesome, 3 day trip to California! and still managed to get the comic done on time! High fives all around!

Spent a day at Wondercon getting to hang out with some really awesome people. Got to meet some of my comic heroes, like Travis Hanson from The Bean and Benny Powell from Wayward Sons… as well as see some of my fav artists like Tom Hodges, Norm Rapmund, Richard Starkings, my BFF Gabe, and lots and lots of others!
We also had the longest dinner ever at Johnny Rockets with my bro Eric Peterson of Jesus Christ in the Name of the Gun and my good buddy Ethan Nicolle of Axe Cop.
Then Scott and I spent the next day at Disneyland in the rain, which was totally awesome!

One again, I want to give a great big thanks to everyone who voted for my Phoenix Comicon badge entries! We’ll find out the winners around the 25th! Thank you! Hope you guys enjoy this week’s page!