*Edit* Sorry guys, no comic page today, on account of me being at Convention for the past 4 days! I may post pictures of my booth here on Monday sometime, and I should be back on schedule again on Friday! Sorry about that!
A BIG thank you to everyone who stopped by to see me! I had a total blast!
If you’re new to Mystery Babylon, then WELCOME! Start at the first page and get read’n! 🙂 ♥

Hey guys! Just a reminder that I’ll be chilling at Phoenix Comicon today and all weekend long! I’ll be at Booth 675 selling prints, sketchcards, and the original Kick Girl comics! I’ve only got a limited amount… and they’re almost gone already! So be sure to come by early if you want a copy! 😀
I’ll also be giving away little cute free doodles. YAY! ♥
Hope to see some of you there!