Happy Monday, Mystery Babylon friends! I hope you enjoy this week’s adorable page! *lol*
It’s Thanksgiving this week and so I will be doing lots of family stuff. And hopefully eating yummy things too!

Keep your eye on valhochberg.com for some Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals! If you’re interested in Graphic Novels, adorable prints, or one-of-a-kind original Val-arts… a special sale might be just what you’ve been waiting for!

We are getting so close to the Last Jedi. Less than a month to go! Still working on my Pokemon countdown on Twitter and Instagram! I seriously get more and more excited for this movie with every new TV trailer that comes out. It looks amazing!
Speaking of Star Wars, I just beat Battlefront II’s story campaign last night! Sad it was so short, but also a little thankful because I don’t have much time to play games much. I haven’t even attempted playing multi-player yet! (I’m too scared. And I’m pretty bad ahahaha)

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