Happy Monday dear Mystery Babylon friends!
Tonight is the night they show The Last Jedi trailer! And tickets go on sale! SO AWESOME!
My Pokemon countdown has been going pretty good! Haven’t missed a day yet! (You can follow along on my twitter or my instagram!)

In other super-excited news, I just updated my STORE! WOO! Check it out!
♥ www.valhochberg.com
People kept asking about how to buy framed originals and my newer prints… so I am slowly adding some!
You can buy digital PDFs of the original “Kick Girl” comics (as well as Mystery Babylon)
Plus the graphic novels of Mystery Babylon too!
It was long overdue for an update!  :mrgreen:

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Love your comments and I always appreciate your shares and reblogs. Thanks for being a part of my comic adventures.
Hope you enjoy the new page! Thanks and lots of love! Always! ♥

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