Yay! Page is on time, but my little comic blurb thing here is a little late! *lol*
I got back home from San Diego Comic-Con laaaaate last night! Just woke up from a much-needed sleep!
I had a fantastic time at SDCC! I got to see so many of you! It was AWESOME! I even got some fan-art! Plus a fan-art of ME, which was super amazing! hahahaha! I love you all so much.

My next convention coming up will be Salt Lake Comic Con! It’ll be my first time there, so I’m a bit nervous. Any chance I’ll be seeing any of you there?

So if this is your first time reading the comic, WELCOME! and of course, I am always thankful to you guys who keep up with the adventure every week! I really hope you are enjoying this flashback!

My BFF Anna is in town for one more day. So I’m gonna decompress the last of my con-stress by hanging out with her, and then I’m back to work on Kickstarters and drawing new comic pages again!

New page next Monday! See ya then! 🙂

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