I’ll be at Small Press Booth N-12!
Usually, it’s directly below the large hanging Small Press sign. So you know exactly how to find me! ♥
I’ll have Official Fan Club Cards to give away to my readers, and some special buttons too! So  stop by and visit me for some Mystery Babylon goodies! Kickstarter peeps, come stop by and pick up your rewards!
This year I’ve got 170+ Framed original arts too! But swing by as early as you can, as I usually tend to run out of them. And the earlier you come, the better chance you’ll have of finding your favorite characters. 🙂

My BFF Anna is in town visiting me too! And yesterday we caught 4 Clefairies in the park while Pokemon’ing. Best way to start a week ever. ahahahaha

Really hope to see some of you at the show! No matter what, I hope you enjoy the new page!
Check back next Monday for the next one! ♥