Happy 4th of July! and new page day! and a new character too! SO MANY GOOD THINGS!

Getting ready for San Diego Comic-Con! My biggest and craziest show of the year! Really hoping to see some of you there though! I’ll have Official Fan Club Cards to give away to my readers. Planning on some special buttons too! So for sure stop by and visit me for some Mystery Babylon goodies! 😀
I’ll be hanging out in my usual spot! Small Press Booth N-12! Usually, it’s directly below the large hanging Small Press sign. So you know exactly how to find me! ♥

Other than that, still working on Kickstarter rewards, original arts, and getting new comic pages drawn! Lots of arts but drawing makes me happy! So I can’t complain!

Hope you enjoy the new page! Check back next week for the next one! ♥