PAGE 299! Next week is the big 300! Ahhhhmygosh! :0
I also turn 33 freak’n years old this week! SO OOOOOLLLLLDDDD! I hope to celebrate it by drawing some Mystery Babylon stuff and maybe possibly eating ice cream. (Eating ice cream sounds like an awesome plan.)

I’ve already been spoiled by my husband Scott with all sorts of new gifts. A new mouse, microphone, a nifty headphone-holder, and some new pens! I’ve been making good use of them ALL! Been busting out tons of new arts for my upcoming conventions! Thanks to those who joined me on Twitch last week. I did this super-fun art raffle on Friday night! Someone won a framed original arts, and someone else won a mini-print! I used the money donated to buy some new markers I desperately needed to do more art. (Thank you all so much!)
Aiming to stream and do a raffle again this Friday evening. Follow me on Twitch, Twitter, or Facebook to see when I go live!
There’s a chance I might also do a stream Weds afternoon, but it just depends on my work load!

That’s all for now! I hope you all like the new page! Loved your comments last week! They cracked me up! *lol* Can’t wait to read your comments this week too! And as always, I appreciate all your shares and reblogs! Thank you all so much! <3