Had an awesome week last week! Had a great time at Free Comic Book Day! I even got to see a few of you guys there! SO AWESOME! (My readers rock! ♥)
I also got to see Civil War which I really enjoyed!

I’ve also been having a blast drawing on Twitch again. It’s been awhile! Really hoping to do that again soon…. unfortunately, when I got back home from FCBD on my special Sunday event, I came home to discover my Graphics Card to my computer bit the dust! ACK! Hoping to have my computer up and running again in the next few days… I’ve got a few prints and at least one comic page I wanna draw this week! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

That’s all for now! I hope you all like the new page! Can’t wait to read your comments! And as always, I appreciate the shares and reblogs! Thank you all so much! <3