What? Fortune Teller is evolving! Fortune Teller has evolved into DEMON LADY! :0
This isn’t the first time we’ve seen her either! (or the second!)

I just started up a RedBubble store! YAY! It’s a super-cool place where you can buy Mystery Babylon t-shirts, stickers, phone cases, mugs… ALL SORTS OF THINGS! Check it out! I’m planning on uploading more designs soon!
I’ve also got some Dragon Age, D&D, and other cute things up there as well. ♥
RedBubble Store!

My next big Comic Convention is coming up soon! Hoping to see some of you at WonderCon in LA later on this month! ♥
You’re gonna be able to find me in the Small Press section at Table SP-060!
My buddy and partner-in-cuteness, Jeff Pina, is gonna be at the booth next to me at Table SP-059! I’m so super-excited! I’ve got to get to work on making some new original arts to take with me!