Happy New Page Day! I’m a little behind on everything today, including my normal comic-blog here! But I’m happy to see in the comments that there’s already some awesome theories going around! Hahaha šŸ˜€

I was hoping for a super-productive week last week, but, it didn’t happen. Or, at least, the things I thought I would be productive at. I did finish some commissions and my sketch card projects. I was hoping to work on my comic book covers on Twitch, but I just didn’t find the time. This week though! Promise! šŸ™‚

I just completed my first half-marathon yesterday! My legs are so dang sore! Finished my run in 2:20:26! I think I finished middle of the pack, but, I did the whole thing without stopping to walk at all (even though I did slow my pace). The last mile was the most brutal mile… I was expecting a surge of energy at the end, but it wasn’t til the last 100 yards did I bust it out! lol
So. No doubt I’ll be sitting in front of my computer getting some work done this week… because my legs aren’t working right now!

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That’s all for now! Hope you guys enjoy this new page! New page next Monday! šŸ˜€ ā™„