Love this page for lots of reasons….
Mostly because of happy and Kick & Zeroness! (♥)
Delilah reminds me a bit of Judas this week too… In a silent cranky-faced sort of way. *lol*
And some of you who have frequented San Diego might find the name of the town familiar. ♥

This week is gonna be a big Twitch week for me! Got lots of commissions to work on, plus, hoping to start work on the Chapter 5 cover for the Graphic Novel! Would love for you all to pop in and see the work in progress for it! Just follow my twitch account, and you can get email alerts on when I start streaming live! 😀

Thanks for reading! Can’t wait to read your comments/theories! <3
The next page will be up next Monday! See ya then! 🙂

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