HAPPY NEW PAGE DAY! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend! I’ve been lazy the past few days enjoying the Christmas spirit, but now… BACK TO WORK! 😀

Kill Boy versus Delilah…. Delilah wins?!! :0
(or was this more of a Solar versus Cupid fight to begin with? ahahaha)

My husband got me one of my most awesomest Christmas presents EVER. It’s this camera that captures what I’m drawing, so I can now stream my original arts and commissions. (thank you sweetness!!!) ♥
I’m going to be using Twitch from now on for my streams. So FOLLOW ME! 😀
I won’t be streaming Mystery Babylon pages for now… not until I figure out how to password protect a stream there! My Patreon peeps are the only ones allowed to see spoilers!
But I will be streaming lots of other things! I got my webcam working with it too! So I can wave to you hahaha 🙂

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoy the new page!!!

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