Talk about a cliffhanger… Cutting Kill Boy off mid-sentence! 😉

Happy Monday everyone! New comic page day! My favorite day! 😀
Just got back in from the Tucson Comic-Con! Had a really fun time! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see me! Had a chance to meet some really awesome peeps! <3

Excited for my next convention coming up… PHOENIX COMICON FAN FEST! YES! I’ve got to be sure to draw lots and lots of new original art pieces for that show. 🙂

I’d be lying right now if I didn’t say I am completely exhausted from the whole weekend… but the show must go on! Working hard on drawing more new comic pages this week for all my awesome Patreon members!
and if I get enough work done, maybe I’ll have some free time to try out Fallout 4… (YES!)