We now return back to our central heroes/villains! And they seem to all be in one piece? Things are not looking so good for “The Temple of the 12 Stars” though… ahahaha

We’re less than a month away from our 5 year anniversary! Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun drawing comics! I’d love to do some extra bonus art to celebrate!! What would everyone like to see? Who are your favorite characters? I’d love to draw up a little something that my readers would enjoy… So leave a comment and I’ll pick something to draw!!! YAY! 😀

Been keeping up with my Patreon too! Right now they’re 7 weeks ahead on comic pages! (so they’ve already seen the page that will be released online on Nov 23rd!) And I only plan on getting more and more ahead! It’s not too late to join in too! You can even gain access to my work-in-progress images. So please check it out and help support the comic! 🙂

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Hope you enjoyed this week’s new page!
The comic-adventures continues next Monday!
Lots of love to all my readers. <3