Happy NEW PAGE DAY! My favorite day of the week! ~*

Poor Mika… She is the first named character we’ve seen die in the comic…
(or IS she?!!!) :0
…Even though we’ve had quite a few Crusaders and Cultists kick the bucket. If you wanted to count them. 😉
and Anara just can’t seem to catch a break… :c

Not a lot of exciting life-news for me… Normal life is boring. But I love it that way. Boring is GOOD! If I can just sit in my office, watch lots of news shows, and draw all day long, then I’ve had a good day! If I want to have an AWESOME day, I make sure to get some Starbucks at some point. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy I guess.
🙂 ♥

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Hope you enjoyed this week’s new page! New page next Monday! Can’t wait! 😀
Lots of love to all my readers. <3