A very very very happy Monday to you, Mystery Babylon readers! ♥

Hope you all had an awesome week! I had a bit of a hard time re-adjusting to normal life again… but I’d say things are back to normal now. (Except my gym being closed dangit!)
Hoping to have a super-productive week this week! I’ve got a few freelance, convention-prep, and commission projects to work on… but still wanna make lots of progress on fun comic-things! Always so much to do!

Okay, so any guesses on what next page will be?! I wanna hear all your theories!
(My Patreon supporters already know… in fact, they’re 5 weeks ahead!)  :mrgreen:
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Thanks always so much for reading! New page next Monday! Can’t wait to read your comments! Lots of love for you all. 😀