Sorry friends! The comic was up on time, but I forgot to write up a blog post before I left for San Antonio! D’oh! But I’m back home in Phoenix now! Had an AWESOME time at Alamo City Comic Con! Got to see a lot of awesome peeps I met last year, and met a ton of new awesome people too! So if this is your first time checking out the comic… WELCOME! You’ve got lots to read and I hope you love it!

Back to The General, Anara, this week!
I’ve missed her… She’s always so much fun to draw. ♥

Well my back-to-back conventions has me all backed-up on work! I better get back into the swing of things! No time to rest! 🙂

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For just $1 or $2 a month you get to see comic-things as soon as I finish drawing them. Just my special way to say thank you so much for supporting me! ♥

New page next Monday! Don’t forget to check back then! 😀