Kick Girl fails…. at kicking. *lol*
That’s something I always found funny about her. How awesome does she really kick people/things?! Not very it seems… but maybe she just needs to level up more. :0

Exciting things coming up! Saboten is this weekend!
And Alamo City is the weekend after that!
If you are going to either of these shows and are interested in a commission… just check out my commission info! You can pay for your original artwork at the show using either cash or credit card when you stop by to pick up your arts. ♥
Your arts will look WAY more awesome if I can draw it from home ahead of time. If I’m too busy talking to lots of peeps, I don’t even take commissions at the show. So now is the best time to ask if you know you want one! 😀

I just got the new Star Wars Disney Infinity game in the mail yesterday! I was able to play it for a little bit with my husband and I have been enjoying it a lot ahahaha. It makes me feel like a kid again. We’ve got Boba Fett and everything he says cracks me up. Armikrog and the new badass Dragon Age DLC come out next week! I won’t have time to play those for awhile, but I’m super excited that they’ll be out! It’s rare I get to play video games anymore… but so many good things are coming out!!! Just means I need to work harder/faster so I have time to play! *dorkysnort*

Just a little remind that the old original “KICK GIRL” series is now available for digital download in my online store! YIPPEE! Hope those of you who have bought it, enjoyed it! It’s interesting to see in what ways my art has changed… and in what ways it’s still the same. ;P

Kick Girl Original Series - Digital Download
And also please check out my lovely little Patreon! So very very thankful for my 25 awesome supporters! Hope you consider joining in on the fun too! 😀

That’s all for now! New page next week! WOOHOO! <3