Happy Monday, everyone! NEW PAGE DAY! 😀
I wish I had some new exciting announcement  this week… but this past week I’ve been pretty boring! *lol*

I’ve been busy trying to get ahead on pages (as my lovely Patrons know!), and start prepping for the next round of comic conventions I have coming up! The next two are Saboten and Alamo City Comic Con! Working on commissions and new original art pieces… yessssssss… *wiggles fingers*

I finally watched The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. Does that count as exciting? Although it didn’t feel like a battle of five armies… It seemed more like the battle of 3.5 armies… But to be fair I might have dozed off a little bit towards the end… (it was really late at night!) :0

I also started watching Star Trek: Enterprise and I totally love it so far. I WANT TO DRAW THEM. Especially T’Pol’s emotionless face. (it always looks like this: ¬_¬) The only bad part about that show is that the “Faith of the Heart” theme-song makes me want to bust out laughing, but then, in revenge, gets stuck in my head and won’t ever go away.

In case you missed the news last week, the old original “KICK GIRL” series is now available for digital download in my online store! YIPPEE!

Kick Girl Original Series - Digital Download
Hope you enjoy today’s new page! and hope you have an awesome Monday! This lovely morning I’m planning a good ol’ gym workout, a yummy Starbucks, and then back to the drawing board! <3