Happy Monday, Mystery Babylon Readers! Can you believe it’s been 260 pages already? How time flies when you’re having fun and drawing comics! :0

I’ve got some REALLY good news this week! The people have spoken, and I have listened! The old original “KICK GIRL” series is now available for digital download in my online store! YES! IT’S TRUE! ~*

Kick Girl Original Series - Digital Download
You can get all 3 volumes now for just $5.
Many characters do not appear… such as Super Vee (Vesta) or Red. These comics will not answer many questions you have about Mystery Babylon… but may be fun to know a little bit more about Kick Girl’s pre-apocalyptic life. 🙂

Check out my online store for more info: http://valhochberg.com/kick-girl/

I also spent some time this weekend updating my store with new prints… Such as my new personal favorite print, of the Dragon Age Inquisition crew. ♥
I would love to take some time this next week to update the character page. That would be nice!

I’ve been keeping busy and hopefully keeping all my patrons happy with my Patreon! It’s been keeping me motivated to try to keep up a good drawing-pace! Getting ahead on pages for the WIN!

That’s all for now! Lots of love for you all!
Hope you enjoy today’s newest page as well as my old comics too! <3