A very happy Monday to all of you and welcome to the first page of Chapter 5! ♥

This Chapter, like most, starts out with another Kick Girl flashback! HOW EXCITING!

Spent last week finishing up the last of the Kickstarter stuff! Everything has been mailed out! *~ VICTORY!!! ~*
Also have been working hard on commissions and getting ahead on comic pages.
There’s a lot of tempting video games coming out this week… the new Dragon Age DLC, Armikrog, and Fallout Shelter for Android (YES!). I’ve already promised myself not to get sucked into a black hole of video game madness… but it will be nice to spend a few nights next week playing some long-awaited games. ♥

I’ve been keeping up and feeling awesome about my Patreon!
I hope my Patrons are just as pleased as well… *wiggles fingers*
I’ve got some new comic pages coming at you this week! 😀

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoy today’s page! Lots of love to you all! Thanks for reading!  <3

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