Happy New Page Day, Mystery Babylon Readers!
I just got back home late last night from the Amazing Las Vegas Comicon! I had an awesome AWESOME time! If this is your first time checking out the website, WELCOME! <3
I hope you all enjoy the comic! and don’t forget that you can add me to your social media friends lists too! Facebook (for the webcomic or me), twitter, tumblr! ALL THOSE!!! I also recently started using Instagram! So please feel free to add me to your Instagram lists too! I post dumb things, but sometimes I post little art teasers too <3
My Instagram name is kickgirl!

Now that I’m back home in Phoenix, it’s time for me to start preparing for San Diego Comic-Con! OH MY GOSH!!!!
I’m planning on having a whole new set of original art pieces with me. I better get to work if I want to have them done in time!
I really really hope that I’ll be seeing some of you there! I’m going to be in the Small Press section at Table N-12! Same spot as last year!

I’ve been thinking about starting up a Patreon too… I know a lot of other webcomic artists have them, and I know having one would sure help me out a lot. It’s hard to do Freelance and comics. I wanna make a million comics for everyone to read! I’ll keep you all posted on that!

That’s all for now! I really hope you enjoy this week’s page! If you’re a bit lost on what’s going on, you can go back and read starting around Page 183! 🙂
Thank you all! Love you lots! New page next Monday! WOO HOO!!!