At this very moment (well, if you’re reading this on Monday!) I’m at the Denver Comicon!
Monday is the last day of the Denver show… Tuesday I head back home to Phoenix… and Thursday is the start of Phoenix Comicon!
Super Comicon Extravaganza!

If this is your first time visiting the comic… WELCOME! ~*
For all you loyal readers, I really hope you enjoy this week’s page! I know I do. *lol*
I love all your theories when it comes to Kick and Delilah’s relationship. Clearly, Zero is confused by it.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes last week! I had a pretty awesome b-day! My husband took me out to a fancy dinner and got me Dragon Age toys, I drew lots of things, and I ate chocolate ice cream. Pretty much the perfect day.

Thank you all for reading! Can’t wait to read all your comments!
New page next Monday!!! Don’t miss it! 😀 😀 😀