Happy Monday to all my Mystery Babylon readers! <3
Today is my BIRTHDAY! YAAAAAAAY~! (I’m so old now hahaha)
and you’ve made my birthday wishes come true just by stopping by to read this week’s new page. 😀 😀 😀

This weekend is the Denver Comicon! I hope I’ll be seeing a few of you there!
I’ll be at Artist Alley Table C43. Stop by and say hi! I’ve got lots of new original art pieces, and new prints this year!
I think I’m located near to the Star Wars area… YIPPPEEEE~! <3

And the weekend after next is Phoenix Comicon. Super back-to-back comicon extravaganza! I’ve already begun to load up on Vitamin C in preparation… *lol*

That’s all for now! I hope you like this week’s page!
and Kick really did step on it, back 7 pages ago! Ahahaha
and Delilah’s new outfit is my present to all of YOU! So…. ENJOY! <3

New page next week! See ya then! Lots of love to you ALL!