It was about time for Kick Girl to have a costume change! And those are my favorite colors, too! *lol*
Time to change things up a bit!  I’ve had Kick Girl in this costume on the front of my convention banner for awhile now. I’m so bad about spoilers. Which is why I have to stop myself from responding to comments. I’ll spoil EVERYTHING! ahahaha xD

Denver and Phoenix Comicon are coming up fast! I’m opening a few commission slots for convention pick-up! Please check out my commission info, and send a request! 🙂
Please make a note to me what convention you are going to, and that you are picking up your artwork at the show! You can pay me for it right then and there! and no extra shipping costs! HOORAY!
If you are not going to Denver or Phoenix, I still would be happy to take on a commission for you!! but please be aware that the convention sketches take priority, and I’ll get to your commissions once my conventions are over!

Got 5 new prints being printed for my convention. Super happy about that! Mystery Babylon, Doctor Who, Big Hero 6, Star Wars, and Dragon Age ones! I can’t wait to show them off! <3

That’s all for now! Thank you all so much for reading! Loving your comments, as always. You guys crack me up. Thanks for always making my Monday an awesome day.
New page next week! See ya then! LOVE YA~!