Happy Monday, Awesome Mystery Babylon Readers! WOO! ♥
There are so many little reasons that I love this week’s page…
So I reeeeeeeeeally hope you love it TOO!!! xD

I’ve still been a busy-bee drawing lots and lots of comics! I’m currently less than 5 pages away from finishing up Chapter 4… Then I can send this sweet little comic-baby to the printers! So, to those of you who pledged to the Kickstarter, and who also got the Chapter 4 add-on…. you’ll be getting to read the end of the chapter first! How exciting is that?! YAAAAAAY!!! *pops confetti into the air*
To those of you who didn’t, don’t worry. I still love you just as much as always.
Come visit me at a convention sometime and I’ll give you great big hugs.

So wish me luck drawing this week again!
And in the meantime, ENJOY my dear sweet internet friends. I love you lots.
Your awesome comments always make my Monday a happier place. Thanks always for reading.
♥ *big hearts and smooches* ♥