That’s Kick Girl for ya… just the very model of composure ahaha 😀
I think my readers are pretty split on where they stand with Red. I love all of your comments! Love him or hate him, he certainly is keeping us guessing!

I drew Panel 4 to be slightly reminiscent of the first reference to Delilah back on Page 9. Maybe Kick and Delilah will turn to be pretty similar to one another?

Wondercon 2015!
Been getting ready for WonderCon! Super pumped! I’ve got some brand new prints that I’ll have with me at the show! As well as some adorables little framed original art pieces. ♥
I need to draw a couple new original pieces before the show comes around… any recommendations on good characters that I should consider drawing?
I really hope I’ll be seeing some of you there in April!
I’ll be at Small Press Table SP-074! Stop by and say HEY!

I’m interested to see what you guys think may be in store for all our delightful Mystery Babylon characters… More crazy things to follow next week! *lol* ;D