First off, I want to thank you all SO MUCH for all your Kickstarter support! We managed to hit over $8,000, which means I was able to unlock Chapter 4 as an add-on! So very happy and excited! Chapter 3 AND Chapter 4 as new graphic novels? Dang, it can’t get any better than that!  I’ll be sure to keep all the supporters posted on Kickstarter progress behind the scenes as we go! So very very thankful to you all. <3

My next big thing to tackle on my to-do list is WonderCon in April!!!
Will I be seeing any of you there?! 😀
This week I’m working on new prints and original arts for the show! *wiggles fingers*

Can’t wait to hear your guys thoughts on this week’s page, too! What do you all think? Is Red telling the truth when he tells Kick Girl that he is on her side? And do you think she truly believes him?

Thank you guys so much for reading! Lots of love to you all!
New page next week! Woohoo! <3