Mystery Babylon Kickstarter - NOW LIVE!

Mystery Babylon Chapter 3 Kickstarter!
Our Kickstarter has only 8 days to go! The days have gone by so quickly!
We’re getting ever closer and closer to our ULTRA stretch goal of $8,000!

Mystery Babylon Chapter 4If we can hit $8,000… we’re gonna be printing out CHAPTER 4!
Two new graphic novels instead of one!!

Once we unlock it, Chapter 4 will be a $10 add-on for both the graphic novel and high res pdf (for all “Crusader” reward levels or higher)!
We’ll also be offering a $2 add-on of JUST a pdf (for the “Believer” reward level).
A pretty awesome deal, I think! I hope we can make it happen!

I appreciate all that my readers have done so far! I love you guys!

We were featured on Bleeding Cool over the weekend! There’s a special Bleeding Cool Challenge…. if we can hit $8,000 by the end of Monday night, then we’ll be offering another exclusive mini-print! 😀

So please check out the Kickstarter page and help support Mystery Babylon!
Even if you can’t pledge, just helping to spread the word will help out tremendously! ♥

Thank you guys so much again… I have felt the love these past couple of weeks. Makes me so happy that I decided to make this webcomic back in 2010. It makes all the work and hours I’ve put into it feel so totally worth it. So much love for you all.

Thank you always for reading and don’t forget to check back next week for a new page! ♥