Mystery Babylon Kickstarter - NOW LIVE!

Mystery Babylon Chapter 3 Kickstarter!
Our Kickstarter is halfway done with 15 days to go!
We’re coming up close on our next stretch goal of $5,500! SO CLOSE!
I also have a very special announcement to make today….!
Mystery Babylon Chapter 4
If we can hit the $8,000 stretch goal…
we’re gonna be printing out CHAPTER 4!
How awesome is that?!!!!!!

You can check out the cover sample on the left! Hope you guys like it! I think it’s the cutest cover yet! *lol*

Chapter 4 will be a $10 add-on. [hopefully!]
You will get the Graphic Novel and High Resolution PDF file if you pledge at the “Crusader” reward level or higher!
But first we have to reach the $8,000 goal to make it happen! We still have a ways to go, so I’m gonna need the help of my loyal readers to help spread the word! Appreciate all you have done so far! I love you guys!
So excited at the idea of being able to offer two new books instead of just one! Keeping my fingers crossed that we can do it!

So please check out the Kickstarter page and help support Mystery Babylon!
Even if you can’t pledge, just helping to spread the word will help out tremendously! ♥

Here’s a new video update too! More of my goofy face! Hahaha

By the way! Hope you guys dig today’s page! I love the Kick Girl / Kill Boy banter…. while Red sits there so sweetly. *lol*
Love reading all of your comments about Red and his true motives…. There are some good theories out there. I have to restrain myself from jumping into the comments, for fear that I will reveal too much too soon! ;D

Thank you guys so much again. I feel like the luckiest comic artist in the world.
Thank you always for reading and don’t forget to check back next week for a new page! ♥